Antique Mirrors in Malaysia

Introducing our Antique Mirror collection. Custom beveled and cut to shape for you.

antique mirrors kuala lumpur malaysia

Artico is the exclusive vintage mirror supplier in Malaysia. Antique or vintage mirrors have become increasingly popular for interior designers and architects. You can add depth and richness to your home or business by contacting us for an Antique Mirror. We can cut to any shape and bevel the edges for that extra touch. We offer ‘double’ and ‘triple’ beveling for straight lines. Our mirrors come in different thickness, from 3mm to 10mm. Pre-drilling is available to accommodate mounting hardware, door handles, latches, locks etc.

antique mirror kuala lumpur malaysia

These mirrors, like stained glass, are hand made according to formulas for color and pattern. As these formulas are adhered to, note that the final sheet will have slight and unique variations naturally. We use a neutral paint tone as a backing to prevent see-thru and give a uniform appearance. For the installation it is recommended to use strictly non-acidic glues or neutral, non-acetic silicone for these mirrors. Mirror adhesive is most commonly use for mounting.

antique mirror kuala lumpur malaysia

Place on wardrobe doors, staircase walls, cabinet doors, back splashes behind kitchen and bathroom countertops or anywhere you’d like to accent with the stunning effects of a designer mirror. You can be creative and place in artistic patterns throughout your areas.

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